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At BE, we are dedicated to our core values and place great importance on working together in a respectful environment. As a growing company, our goal is to grow alongside our employees and provide a venue for long-term careers and opportunities. Listed below are our values that we strive to uphold each day.


To give support to, and empower our employees to excel at their position. To answer any questions and allay any concerns. In turn, our employees will be supportive of each other in their efforts to reach their goals.


To understand the perspective and position of every employee. To be aware of their feelings and respect them.


To be transparent and truthful with our employees and for our employees to be the same with each other.


To be morally sound, strong, and lead by example. To inspire our employees to act with the same degree of honesty and morality.


To be involved with the work that our employees perform and to be committed to helping them succeed. This in turn will inspire employees to be involved and committed to the work they do and contribute to the team they are part of.

Our employees also enjoy various activities such as:

  • Picnics and BBQ’s.
  • Christmas Parties
  • Length of Service Appreciations
  • Food Truck Lunches
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Company Excursions
  • Donut Fridays
  • Pizza Days

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